Hello my name is John P. Paiz I have been serving our local area in a financial institution for many years now and have learned a lot about customer service! I love the people and the culture in this area which has made my customer service that much more exciting and enjoyable! I am now working here at the agency and will soon be the second agent and will be working along side Josie to make your insurance experience fun and easy! Josie has been doing this for 40 years now and I am super excited to learn everything she knows! Please come see me and I can help you with payments and questions! looking forward to serving you soon!

Hello my name is Tina Rodriguez I have many years in customer service skills where I worked as a hair designer and along the way joined the medical team at the dialysis center in Gallup. Now joining Amazing Grace Insurance Agency working as a CSR and a claims manager. With all my experiance in customer service I am an important asset to this agency and am excited to become an agent, so please come see me for any auto quotes or questions.


Hello, my name is Josie J. Paiz and I have been a loyal and dedicated insurance agent for over 40 years! I have worked for several different agencies over the years and have learned and taught many different things along the way, now I am the owner of Amazing Grace Insurance Agency. My goal is to offer the best service in town and give all my custumers 100% of my time and effort to make sure that all their insurance needs are met! Please come visit my staff and I for all your insurance needs.

Hello my name is John M. Paiz I have 43 years of excellent customer service and have enjoyed serving the Gallup community every second of the way. Here at Amazing Grace Insurance Agency I will be doing field work for our agent, although I will be out on the field for the agency if you happen to see me in the office I will be glad to answer any questions you may have or get you the answer you seek as fast as I can. I look forward to servicing the Gallup community as a face of Amazing Grace Insurance Agency.